Zenith 2.0

A man sat in a chair in the center of a dark room. A single light shone from a desk lamp sitting on a table nearby. His head was covered by a thick black bag and his arms were tied behind the chair’s back holding him in place. Attached to his inner arm was a blood bag, slowly accepting his blood from him.

A pair of heels clicked down the hallway followed by the click of his door opening. The flash of light from the outside didn’t last long as the door closed behind the lady. She walked to the table and flipped through the pages on a clipboard under the lamp. Her pale arms and red dress shown vividly in the soft light until she walked over to the man. She looked down at him and examined the full bag of blood in front of her. Deftly she swapped the bag for a fresh one, only spilling a single drop of blood on her bare hand. She licked it up and smiled as she checked the saline drip connecting to his other arm.

Without a word she turned and walked out of the room with the fresh bag of blood and clicked off down the hall.

The man shivered as she left, releasing the tension he had been holding in. He couldn’t remember how long he had been hooked up to this system. He couldn’t remember when he had last had a full meal. All he knew was that these people, no these creatures, had him figured out and that his particular skills made him very valuable.

The lightbulb made a loud pop as the bulb burnt out, plunging the man into complete darkness.

He was no longer alone.

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