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Wind Turbines and the End of the World

Wind Turbines are becoming a more popular way to generate power. Their proponents claim that they produce almost zero waste, are completely silent, and allow the surrounding ground to be completely useable. However, there are a lot of things they leave out.

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On the Music Industry, Piracy and Copyright

Cleverpork Central is often a comedy site, but there are things that we believe strongly about and will bring to the forefront of conversation. Anything filed under “Serious” is not a joke, even if it seems counter to everything else on this site. Recently I was reading an argument on Facebook between two people about […]

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Bubonic Plague – Our Real Threat

In the 1400s the black death swept through Europe leaving a wake of dead in its path. In modern days people think that it is gone. But that is far from the truth. A lot of people are claiming that the deaths are due to swine flu or such, but our Cleverpork Central scientists have determined that […]

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Livebloging the Flu!

This morning I wokeup at 8:30 feeling awful. I was achey, my mild cough had developed into a painful cough, and a had some slight chills. My temperature was mild when I first woke up, but by 10:30 it was becoming apparent that I was indeed sick. However, instead of think of this as a […]

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Google Wave has Arrived at Cleverpork Central

I need people to let me know if the below wave is visible to anyone. A larger test group is always good right? Well, turns out that it doesn’t actually work yet. I am working on getting it to work, but it’ll be a while.

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xkcd Volume 0

Nearly a month ago I ordered xkcd Volume 0. This is a collection of AWESOME from one of my favorite webcomics ever, xkcd. To celebrate, the following is my unboxing and initial reactions

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What is a Browser?

I had no idea that there are tons of people in the world who don’t even know what a web browser is. However, in a “highly-scientific (read: not scientific at all) survey” of a Google employee’s friends people spent way more time on the internet but many less knew what browser they used. Here is the original […]

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Homo Kakapodians

The Kakapo, a critically endangered species of parrot with only 125 individuals left. This bird, the owl-parrot, is one of the few animals that can be described as “old-fashioned” and the people in the following video state that this is due to it’s “sideburns” and “old Victorian” face. However, what is truly impressive is it’s […]

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We here at Cleverpork Central love to honor truly amazing athletes. Like Charlie Beckers. But today I have discovered annother truly awesome feat of the human body in the form of the Dreamcatcher. This is not because if you hang it up above your bed it will stop all your nightmares and leave you only […]

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Mammals 2.0

As you all probably know, I am a fan of SCIENCE. Little did I know that science was getting so advanced that we already have mammals 2.0 out. I thought it was still in beta, but it was recently released. Here is the link to view the scientific documentation.

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