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Hitler responds to the iPad

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Carnegie to Morgan-You Look Like a Seal

Morgan, this is Andrew your friend and coorperate counterpart. For as long as I have known you, and gracious me it has been for some many years now, you have always had a healthy appitie for good food, good whiskey, and beautiful young women. And for years you have paid for the best chefs, dined […]

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Knight at the Musee

This week the louvre announced that it will be displaying The Dark Knight as possibly a permanent installation to the museums already massive collection. The Director of the Musée du Louvre had this to say “We put a lot of thought into it and found the movie to be quite simply a master piece.” The movie is […]

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Missed Connections from History

It is always interesting to look back onto the past and see connections to our present time. Recently at the University of Cairo in Egypt a team of Anthropologists found a tablet in some foothills which allegedly carried a conversation between then Queen of Egypt Cleopatra and Cesar of the Roman Empire Julius. Though the […]

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Fist Full of Lies

Trenton, NJ Beloved secondary Muppet Swedish Chef announced today that he, and other Muppets, have been lip syncing their performances since the early days of the Muppet show. According to the Chef the Muppets, before they would go and perform, would be entered-via a hole in their back, by another actor who would then control […]

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A quick warning about Phantosmia

Has your sense of smell been off lately? Do you find yourself saying things like “I smell roses” when no roses are present? You may be suffering from a rare condition known as Phantosmia, a rare condition in which hallucinates smells.

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Civil War on Twitter

The most inportant thing to consder when looking at the Civil War is who is Tweeting the most about it. It looks like the Ducks win on Twitter….

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Illiterate Poet Wins Major Award

In an attempt to connect the users of cleverpork central with culture and art from around the world this writer gladly presents to you Carla Rosedale’s 2009 Carlo Betocchi Poetry Prize winning poem “Gladder Flub en Tonnino”. It is short, but the form and the meter at which Rosedale constructs her poetry really presents an […]

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Zoo Replaces Dead Polar Bears With Fakes

When you have an issue with your polar bears dying why not replace them with fake bears. I mean that’s what we did with my aunt. We replaced her with a fake bear. No one noticed. Ok but seriously this brings up an important question. How many of those animals you see in the zoo […]

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Found photo details electronics shopping in the late 1800s

Cleverpork Central is proud to bring you a recently discovered photo of retail giant Best Buy’s predecessor: Supreme Purchase. According to documents attached to the photo, the oft-forgotten chain primarily sold telegraphs — strange metal machines that allowed the transmission of what we might today call “text messages.” Cell phone towers had terrible coverage back […]

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