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Knight at the Musee

This week the louvre announced that it will be displaying The Dark Knight as possibly a permanent installation to the museums already massive collection. The Director of the Musée du Louvre had this to say “We put a lot of thought into it and found the movie to be quite simply a master piece.” The movie is […]

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Black Friday Picture Follow Up!!

On Friday we spent the night people watching around Beaverton, Oregon. Below are a few photos taken by our art director. Read the whole live blog of our night and a collection of concluding comments here!

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Illiterate Poet Wins Major Award

In an attempt to connect the users of cleverpork central with culture and art from around the world this writer gladly presents to you Carla Rosedale’s 2009 Carlo Betocchi Poetry Prize winning poem “Gladder Flub en Tonnino”. It is short, but the form and the meter at which Rosedale constructs her poetry really presents an […]

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Zoo Replaces Dead Polar Bears With Fakes

When you have an issue with your polar bears dying why not replace them with fake bears. I mean that’s what we did with my aunt. We replaced her with a fake bear. No one noticed. Ok but seriously this brings up an important question. How many of those animals you see in the zoo […]

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An Artist based in Madrid. He makes public interventions, that one might relate too graffiti. Though, they are more like installations that just happen to be on public property. These were just some of my favorites, check all the other stuff on his website.

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The 1987 Dance Aerobics Championship

Such an art form.

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Virus Glass Art

Artist Luke Jerram has fulfilled another one of my favorite things. He is turning science into art. I discovered his art reading Science Magazine. They had a feature including his version of Swine Flu. However, not only is it beautiful, it is also very accurate to the real science involved. A combination of accurate micrographs and scientist opinions […]

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Always With Honor

Local Portland Oregon design collective Always with Honor’s limited run Barn Owl shirt. A really nice shirt for only $20 and a portion of the money goes to the Audubon Society. Really Like their stuff, the simple clean graphic style of everything. 2nd image is another personal favorite from their website, check them out.

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Domo 7-11 Invasion

Who doesn’t love this Japanese stop motion character. I will definitely be going to 7-11 to pick up my domo slurpee cup. Link Here

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Wild Image Project

to kick off our Art portion of the site, we have a site referred to as the Wild Image Project. All you need to know is that the image below is the front page image.

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