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Anamanaguchi Live in Portland

Hey readers, I’m down in downtown Portland to see the chiptune punk band Anamanaguchi. If you don’t know them, I highly recommend checking them out. I am going to live blog this event, but if there is a low frequency of posts, don’t think they sucked, rather, it probably means they’re rocking! 7:30 just ate […]

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Live Chess 2010

Well folks, it’s that time again. Time for LIVE CHESS. We’re all starting up and getting set up! I’ll be live blogging the whole event here at Cleverpork Central. 15:01 We’re late already. woops! 15:10 Drew was speaking 15:12 They’re playing the trailer from youtube 15:15 The storyteller is telling the story of what has […]

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Civil War 2009 Live Blog

Apologies to my readers, At around 17:30 all internet and cellular connections disappeared from my phone. It must have been incredibly over burdened. This continued through the game and now back in my room I am finally able to update. Stay tuned for some videos I took of the end I’ll post those here once they are live. […]

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Black Friday 2009

Go here for a follow up of photos taken by our very own art director, Steven “Pocket” Uppinghouse. A bunch of us here at Cleverpork Central are kinda excited about today because it is black friday. We aren’t necessarily pumped to go buy a bunch of cheap stuff, what we are more excited about is […]

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Livebloging the Flu!

This morning I wokeup at 8:30 feeling awful. I was achey, my mild cough had developed into a painful cough, and a had some slight chills. My temperature was mild when I first woke up, but by 10:30 it was becoming apparent that I was indeed sick. However, instead of think of this as a […]

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University convocation

Today is University Convocation. UO’s welcome to new students. I’ll be on the scene to make sure you, dear readers, get the full story!

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Retro-blog Uno

I am retro blogging what just happend. I am looking for the cause of our mysterious doubble home page buttons. I found some code that creates a refrence to home. Re have a page called home so it got added too. I removed the refrence. We all feel a little better only having one home.

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