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Civil War on Twitter

The most inportant thing to consder when looking at the Civil War is who is Tweeting the most about it. It looks like the Ducks win on Twitter….

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Black Friday Picture Follow Up!!

On Friday we spent the night people watching around Beaverton, Oregon. Below are a few photos taken by our art director. Read the whole live blog of our night and a collection of concluding comments here!

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Zoo Replaces Dead Polar Bears With Fakes

When you have an issue with your polar bears dying why not replace them with fake bears. I mean that’s what we did with my aunt. We replaced her with a fake bear. No one noticed. Ok but seriously this brings up an important question. How many of those animals you see in the zoo […]

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Googling Fights Dementia

In a recent study, scientists have found that googling stuff on the internet actually encourages blood flow and a healthy brain. This is yet another reason why I love Google, it is making people healthier. Before we had a search-based internet, everyone would put in a specific site that they wanted to access which provided […]

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Found photo details electronics shopping in the late 1800s

Cleverpork Central is proud to bring you a recently discovered photo of retail giant Best Buy’s predecessor: Supreme Purchase. According to documents attached to the photo, the oft-forgotten chain primarily sold telegraphs — strange metal machines that allowed the transmission of what we might today call “text messages.” Cell phone towers had terrible coverage back […]

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Study Reveals Pittsburgh Unprepared For Full-Scale Zombie Attack

It is Zombie Week here at Cleverpork Central. We let the dead rest for a week after Halloween, but now they’re back with a vengeance. Keep your eyes open for more undead content through the week. In an October study done by the Pittsburgh mayor, and only reported by a single news source, it was determined that […]

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Giant Squids, Now more Dangerous than Ever

Osaka, Japan Japanese scientists researching kelp in the waters of the Pacific Ocean survived an attack from a giant lazer squid, sustaining major damage to the crews deep sea science floaty-down machine from the squids ‘beak lazers’. If not for the quick maneuvering of Dr. Akiko Toyota, as well as the on board ‘white-out’ lazers, […]

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McDonalds Monopoly vs. Powerball vs. Nature

Well I don’t know about you all but when it is Monopoly season at McDonalds I get kind of excited. I always figured there could be a chance at winning some cash! Well I think I was mistaken… Game Payout Odds $/Odds Monopoly $1,000,000 1 in 542,034,000 0.00184490 Monopoly $50,000 1 in 640,586,000 0.00007805 Monopoly […]

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Georgian Man Sees Image of Pope in Toast

Atlanta, GA Not everyone gets a chance to order God with a side of bacon but early Saturday morning Georgian resident Tallard Bentz discovered a image of Pope Benedict XVI appear on a piece of toast. “I’m not even catholic”, said a bewildard Bentz “I mean, I’ve been to church- Methodist I think? I didn’t […]

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xkcd Volume 0

Nearly a month ago I ordered xkcd Volume 0. This is a collection of AWESOME from one of my favorite webcomics ever, xkcd. To celebrate, the following is my unboxing and initial reactions

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