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Why Does Discovery Ruin Good Shows

Sigourney Weaver wasn’t an awful narrator for Planet Earth. I, unlike some(who protested the show), watched every episode on the Discovery Channel. Then I got the BBC version as a gift and if I ever heard the Discovery version after that

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Flaws In the Top Movie of 2009

Warning this article contains spoilers. If you have not seen Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus go to your local campy movie store and get a copy. or try to find it some how. It is a true masterpiece. Best if

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Trilobite Reports: Evolution Going Great

According to a Trilobite interviewed by the Onion, evolution is going great. The trilobite stated that, “It’s a wonderful time to be alive,” and “Sulfurous gas seems to be bubbling up to the surface pretty good, and several single-cell organisms

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Our New Molluscan Overlords

Recently, in Indonesia, Australian scientists discovered an octopus using tools. Many people consider Humans to have become a dominant species on the plannet because the early humans developed tools. This can only mean one thing. Octopuses are going to take over the

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A quick warning about Phantosmia

Has your sense of smell been off lately? Do you find yourself saying things like “I smell roses” when no roses are present? You may be suffering from a rare condition known as Phantosmia, a rare condition in which hallucinates smells.

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Zoo Replaces Dead Polar Bears With Fakes

When you have an issue with your polar bears dying why not replace them with fake bears. I mean that’s what we did with my aunt. We replaced her with a fake bear. No one noticed. Ok but seriously this

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Googling Fights Dementia

In a recent study, scientists have found that googling stuff on the internet actually encourages blood flow and a healthy brain. This is yet another reason why I love Google, it is making people healthier. Before we had a search-based

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Zombie Mathematics

D’ = ?R + ?Z

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Science Songs

We interupt you regularly scheduled Zombie Week to bring you some wonderful scientific pursuits. Readers, you all know that we are a science-y bunch here at Cleverpork Central, and you may have guessed that we enjoy music. The following are

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Virus Glass Art

Artist Luke Jerram has fulfilled another one of my favorite things. He is turning science into art. I discovered his art reading Science Magazine. They had a feature including his version of Swine Flu. However, not only is it beautiful, it is also

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