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Bubonic Plague – Our Real Threat

In the 1400s the black death swept through Europe leaving a wake of dead in its path. In modern days people think that it is gone. But that is far from the truth. A lot of people are claiming that the deaths are due to swine flu or such, but our¬†Cleverpork¬†Central scientists have determined that […]

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xkcd Volume 0

Nearly a month ago I ordered xkcd Volume 0. This is a collection of AWESOME from one of my favorite webcomics ever, xkcd. To celebrate, the following is my unboxing and initial reactions

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How To: Give birth to an elephant

I think this is the biggest baby I have ever seen born. Kind of impressive how fast the learning curve is.

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Homo Kakapodians

The Kakapo, a critically endangered species of parrot with only 125 individuals left. This bird, the owl-parrot, is one of the few animals that can be described as “old-fashioned” and the people in the following video state that this is due to it’s “sideburns” and “old Victorian” face. However, what is truly impressive is it’s […]

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Mammals 2.0

As you all probably know, I am a fan of SCIENCE. Little did I know that science was getting so advanced that we already have mammals 2.0 out. I thought it was still in beta, but it was recently released. Here is the link to view the scientific documentation.

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The Swine Flu Pandemic (we’re all going to die)

Oh Shit. Swine Flu is here to stay. We all may die by the end of the year.

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