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Eagle Creek Trail

Yesterday, December 14th, Derek, Charlie, Aaron, and I went on a hike on the Eagle Creek trail in the Columbia Gorge. Below you’ll find a collection of photos that we took. It was one of the more dangerous hikes that we have taken, from falling rocks to slippery ice. There are sections where the path […]

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Winter Break Headquarters

  Well, finals are over for a large portion of the writers of Cleverpork Central. Now it is time for Winter Break. We made it safely back to Portland, and I made sure I took no time before setting up the Cleverpork Central Winter Break Headquarters. Our temporary headquarters are located in My family’s house […]

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Readers, while you are one of my top priorities, I also have other interests. One of those is birds. Recently I started toying with the idea of falconry as a way to keep some of the more amazing birds in the world, the hawks. It turns out that falconry is still a popular activity in […]

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ASL Mr. Blue Sky

Earlier this term I was told I needed to sign a song for my ASL class. I started going through my list of karaoke songs to choose a song I would enjoy, I could really perform, and wouldn’t be boring. I came up with Electric Light Orchestra’s Mr. Blue Sky. However, in class my song […]

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Declaration of Independence in Google Wave

For all of you out there, like us here, who have Google Wave already, check out this Link. It is the Declaration of Independence. At first it looks kinda boring, just the document transfered into Wave. But then go and hit playback. Not only is it somewhat informative, it is kind of amusing as well. […]

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An Artist based in Madrid. He makes public interventions, that one might relate too graffiti. Though, they are more like installations that just happen to be on public property. These were just some of my favorites, check all the other stuff on his website.

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A Werewolfs Responce to Zombie Mania

November 5th, 2009 It has come to my attention that Zombies, undead and completely unpalatable post humans, have become very kitch as of late. It seems every form of entertainment; from books to movies, television and the like, all have caved to popular demand and allowed for Zombies to infest themselves into the already pleasant […]

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Giant Squids, Now more Dangerous than Ever

Osaka, Japan Japanese scientists researching kelp in the waters of the Pacific Ocean survived an attack from a giant lazer squid, sustaining major damage to the crews deep sea science floaty-down machine from the squids ‘beak lazers’. If not for the quick maneuvering of Dr. Akiko Toyota, as well as the on board ‘white-out’ lazers, […]

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Google Wave has Arrived at Cleverpork Central

I need people to let me know if the below wave is visible to anyone. A larger test group is always good right? Well, turns out that it doesn’t actually work yet. I am working on getting it to work, but it’ll be a while.

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Ellen Questions Answered

Did you get $1,000? No – Mike Smith did for taking our picture. We got a sweet appearance on Ellen. Did it really only take Chris 4 throws? Yes – Right before she introduces the Clarisonic you can hear Ellen say to my brother “wow, that was really good, I haven’t seen it so fast, […]

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