Politican unable to control metal with mind

Tuesday, September 29

At a press conference in the Regan room of the capital building Representative Spencer Bachus (R-Al) was unable to take control of the steel pipe laying before him and shape the pipe to resemble a bald eagle, something that the Representative claimed on his twitter was a new power he had acquired after months of work with psychokinesis expert Cliff Spoon. Rep. Bachus commented that he was “low on vitamins A and K” and should have “not been up all night working on congressional stuff”. When asked to specify “congressional stuff” Bachus declined to comment. For one hour and a half reporters and interested on-lookers watched Bachus stair at the steel pipe laying before him. Such a strain was put on the Representative that several times Bachus would let out a small fart, which he would try to cover with a cough. The fart was reported to be without any order. At one point the pipe did seem to move, but it was pointed out that the Representative had kicked one of the legs of the table the pipe was sitting on.

For months Bachus has been under the study of world renowned expert on psychokinesis Cliff Spoon, spending up to five hours a day with Spoon practicing mental exercises in a small shed on Bachus’s property in Alabama. The specifics of those exercises are kept secret, though Bachus claims the exercises are “bad-ass”. Spoon has publicly stated that he is not “attempting to make a super-race of god like individuals to enslave the rest of the human race” and that any claims of such manipulation and totalitarianism are “nearly false”. When asked afterward why Bachus was unable to preform the eagle bend, Spoon said “There is no steel pipe, that is why Bachus failed because he thought there was a steel pipe. He needed to bend, not the pipe. That is the truth of the matter”. When asked if Spoon knew he was more or less ripping off The Matrix Spoon threw explosives on the ground and in a smokey haze disappeared before the smoke cleared.

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Air Race Barcelona


The Red Bull Air Race. The ultimate sport for ultimate athletes. Starting at 6:20 PM on Saturday October 3rd, there will be a live stream of the event right here from Barcelona after the break.

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University convocation

Lariviere_poster_reducedToday is University Convocation. UO’s welcome to new students. I’ll be on the scene to make sure you, dear readers, get the full story! Read More »

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The Swine Flu Pandemic (we’re all going to die)

This is fear in physical form

Oh Shit. Swine Flu is coming! Everyone is trying to hide it by claiming that it is called H1N1. However, everyone knows that H1N1 stands for “Help! Nahhhgghahh!” So here is this Blogger’s humble advice.


hit the break to get the truth

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Wild Image Project

to kick off our Art portion of the site, we have a site referred to as the Wild Image Project.

All you need to know is that the image below is the front page image.

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Retro-blog Uno

Photo on 2009-09-26 at 21.01

I am retro blogging what just happend.

I am looking for the cause of our mysterious doubble home page buttons.

I found some code that creates a refrence to home.

Re have a page called home so it got added too.

I removed the refrence.

We all feel a little better only having one home.

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Declaration of Principles

I’ll provide the people of these internets with a blog that will tell all the important news honestly. I will also provide them with a fighting and tireless champion of their rights as citizens and as human beings.

Chris Cunningham

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Hello world!

Welcome all to my Blag. Keep your eyes open for live blogging events from classes and tv watching. maybe some movies!

Everything is still being set up now, but we’ll see what happens soon!

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