Ellen Day One

Yesterday I was stunned by Pat calling me and telling me he needed me. I ran downstairs to see Him and annother person, Mike, running up to me. Mike held up a photo and said, “we need to recreate this”

Next thing I know, I am kneeling outside on wet pavement recreating a photo.

The photo that started it all

Further, that evening I was informed that I will now be flying down to LA to see Ellen. Because we here at Cleverpork Central are here for you, dear readers, I will be attempting to live blog as much of this experience as possible. Stay tuned right here for the updates!


4:03 PM The show with our photo is on the air right now. I am getting all packed, and our flight leaves at 8:20

4:06 it seems that our deal is a part of “bad paid for photos”

4:07 they just interviewed the real people in the photo

4:32 the segment is on with our photo

4:33 we’re on tv!!!

5:52 we’re on our way to the airport!

5:57 stopping at mcdonalds to grab mike some food

6:34 just got through security, I forgot to empty my water bottle. Luckily I wasn’t considered dangerous, and I’m still alive!

6:38 two people almost just missed their flight drinking beer.

7:20 chillin’ watching YouTube videos in the airport

7:31 almost broke the page trying to add a photo, still working on it.

7:52 just talked with the people at Ellen. Answered a few questions, and all around prep.

9:34 landed in San Fran

9:42 sitting at the next bar.

10:04 getting ready to board and head to LA

10:14 waiting at gate 81. Boarding soon. We decided that the same person makes all airport announcements.

10:21 Boarding!

11:54 touchdown in LA

12:38 in our town car being driven to our hotel. Mike and the drover are having a on depth football discussion and pat and I are lost.

12:55 checked in to room 1724. Great view. We’re hungry going to hunt for a bar to find food!

1:16 we’re chillin at a bar listening to karaoke. Their kitchen is closed so we’re going to fast food soon

1:35 we’re walking the streets of universal district LA trying to find food.

2:10 back in our room eating subway, finishing up for the day.

Look for Ellen Day Two tomorrow for continued coverage!