Ellen Day Two

Sheretin View

After a 2:00 AM bed time last night, We had some of our blinds open and we’re up at 8:30 this morning. We’re a bit fatigued, but ready for the excitement of today! Our plan is to (hopefully get some coffee) go to Universal City Walk and hang out for a bit then we’ll be picked up by a car and taken to the studio. Once the show is done, we’re off to the airport and we’ll be there until our flight. We’ll likely be home around midnight tonight!

Hit the break for today’s live blog!

9:14 we’re looking at things like coffee in the room trying to determine what is charged for and what is complimentary. harder than you’d think.

9:56 checked out and standing at the universal studios globe


10:12 walkin’ the city walk with jamba juice and starbucks

10:16 watching someone doing some indoor skydiving

10:27 in some gift store full of pretty much crap

10:42 attempting to get someone to take our pic at the globe.

10:59 we just met up with the other winner. She was told they’ll be In the audience but no one ever told us that. We’ll see what that means soon.

11:12 chillin’ at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co gonna get some shrimp apetizers and relax out of the sun (it’s getting hot out)

11:24 got a thing of tasty smelling shrimp and a sampler platter. Mmmmmmmmmm.

12:15 waiting at the hotel for the car to come and take us to Ellen

12:39 moved outside hoping our car shows up soon

12:53 in the car to the studio. Trying to find the names of the people in the other winner’s photo

12:55 pulling up at the WB studios

1:01 at the VIP enterance to the showStanding Around

1:03 we’re going picture crazy, watch here tomorrow for some photos. Also Facebook.

1:11 we have no idea what is going on

1:14 I re-dawned the polo that I wore in the photo. We had someone stop and say they liked our photo yesterday!

1:28 they’re playing today’s Ellen. So far it is pretty solid

1:36 we just took an audience survey

1:44 I was going to get a shirt from Ellen, but the line is really long and I don’t think they are taking cards right now

1:59 I think our time is coming to go inside soon.

2:10 we’re inside chatting we might be on the show. They asked if we are “up for anything”

2:15 they are grabbing some hardcore fans for simmilar reasons (audience participation)

2:18 I’m turning off my phone but I’ll update as soon as we’re done! Catch you all, dear readers, on the flip side!




5:04 everyone NEEDS to watch Ellen at 4:00 tomorrow (Friday)

5:31 we’re getting a tour of LA downtown from our car driver


5:32 we are all pretty much starving

5:49 bumper sticker: “drum machines have no soul”

6:27 through airport security. Looking for food.

6:29 going to mcdonalds

7:06 feeling better now that I have a burger and fries in my stomach

7:20 add chicken nugets to that. I was still hungry

8:10 boarding the plane to San Fran

9:54 arrived in San Fran. Got a fairly short wait until our next flight. Can’t wait to be back in Eugene.

11:58 touchdown in Eugene. I’m so glad to be home and ready for the next adventure!